Drivers License & Concealed Weapons Permits

Obtaining an Idaho Drivers License (non star card)

  1. Proof of Idaho Residency - Use documents such as Lease/Rental Agreement, Utility Bill, Employment Records, School Enrollment Records.  These mus contain your name and physical Idaho address.
  2. Proof of Age and Identity - If you have a valid, state-issued driver's license or a state-issued ID card to surrender that meets the conditions of a primary document.  If you do not have a state issued driver's license you must provide documents to verify your age and identity that contains your full legal name and date of birth.
  3.  Driver's transferring to Idaho will be required to take a knowledge test.

Required documents to obtain a Driver's Training Permit (Student must be enrolled in a driver's training program).

  1. Certified Original Birth Certificate
  2. Social Security Card or number (preferably the card)
  3. Photo ID, such as an activity card or Yearbook
  4. Verification of Compliance Letter (from the school)
  5. A Biological parent's state issued identification

For additional information visit any local county driver's license office or go to the Idaho Transportation Department web page at and click on the Driver's License/ID Card tab.

Obtaining an Idaho Star Card

    Beginning October 2, 2020, if you fly commercially, you will not be able to board a flight without a Star Card or other federally accepted identification such as a passport.  Additionally you will not have access to enter federal buildings.

  1. One document that verifies your identity and date of birth , such as your certified birth certificate or passport.
  2. One document that verifies your Social Security Number, such as your non-laminated Social Security Card or W2 form.
  3. Two documents that verify your Idaho residency and current residential address, such as a lease or rental agreement or bank statement.  These documents must be in your current name and match the name on the document proving your identity and Social Security Number.
  4. Applicants who have established names through marriage, adoption, court order, or other mechanisms, are required to provide evidence of the name change through appropriate court or government documents.

For additional information please visit the local office or go to