Fair Board


  • 7 p.m.
  • 1st Wednesday of every month
The Fair Necessities 2017 Washington County


  • Brooke Mink, Weiser - Jessie Woodland, Cambridge
  • Jon Mills, Weiser - Vice Chair
  • Justin Mink, Cambridge - Chairman
  • Kelley Bruce, Midvale - Jeff Springer, Midvale

Fair Board Contact Information

Chris Braun, Secretary / Treasurer
P.O. Box 405
Cambridge, ID 83610
Phone: 208-566-3431

Washington County Commissioner Contact

Kirk Chandler
Phone: 208-414-2789

Washington County Extension Office Contact

  • Michelle Tate, 4-H Coordinator
  • Montessa Young, U of I Extension Educator
    Phone: 208 414-0415


Well it's been quite a year for all of us in Washington County. It will be fun to see where we are on the new Show and Sale Barn when it comes fair time. As this book goes to print, we've just received the OK to start building the new barn.

Show & Sale Barn

The new Show and Sale Barn will be a R&M Steel building with some great features. First, it is bigger! There will be nice ADA access and places for wheelchair seating. The bleachers will be easier to access for everyone. It will be located in the same spot as the old barn. There will be more doors, better lighting, better sound system, and because its insulated, cooler.

Thank You

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved in the "rebuild." The Washington County Commissioners were our true partners in this project; offering advise and help whenever they could. The Washington County Road and Bridge Crew is always willing to help; not just during tough times, like retrieving items from under the collapsed barn, but all year long. The contractors involved in rebuilding the barn are going above and beyond normal measures to make sure we have the barn by fair. And lastly, R&M Steel, for all of the help designing this great barn and for the donation of materials in the barn.
Thank you!

Contact Information

Please contact the Washington County Fair Board or the Washington County Extension Office
if you see a need or can fill a need!